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Delivery of main and optional power equipment for Mosenergo was completed

08 November

Mosenergo, the largest producer of electricity and heat in Moscow, has almost completed a major project for the delivery of power equipment for branch offices CHP-16 , CHP-22 and CHP-27.

So South River port received last vessel in this navigation, the ship "Aleksey Tarasov," with the third consignment of transformers in the 6th of November 2012. 757 tons of cargo were unloaded at a special quay for heavy-weight cargo in the 7th of November.

Delivery of transformers, steam and gas turbines, generators and various equipment, which were sent to the city by rail way, river and by cars, was completed.  Next step is their installation. Construction of power units for CHP is planning to be completed till the end of 2013.