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History of South River Port

When the building of the Moskva-Volga channel was finished in 1937, Moscow transport point was decided to be reconstructed and therefore made into a biggest river port at the crossroads of the water ways. At the same time the building of South River Port was established. It was planned to be a big cargo port with handling complexes of high developed infrustructure of rail and water ways.

September, 15 1939 is considered to be the birthdate of South River Port. During the Great Patriotic War South River Port had been the base for military, fuel and other supplies for the West front of the Red army.

The development boom of South River Port took place from 1948 to 1955. The port had got cranes of different types, equipment for grain handling, etc.

The cargo and ship turnover had been 1,6 times and 6 times increased accordingly since 1940. The port had built 21 dwelling houses of total area of 150 thousand sq meters itself since 1956 to 1985.

South river port is a part of group of companies "Moscow River Shipping Company" since 1996. Currently, the port is included in the division of river transport of AEON corporation.

Nowadays South river port is one of the largest transport enterprises engaged in carriage operationon, loading and unloading, storage of goods, as well as integrated container terminal services.