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Joint Stock Company «South River Port» is a large transport enterprise that successfully provides all kinds of services on internal river ways of the Russian Federation – transportation, handlings, storage for commercial, building, and other industries.

South River Port is able to receive cargo going either direct or mixed ways, i.e. railway, water and roads.

Characteristics of the port:

  • Moorage wall length is 2178 meters
  • 17 quays including 1 for heavy-weight cargo
  • 28 cranes from 5 to 40 tones load-carrying ability
  • Railway length is 4 km
  • 9 ships and bargesp>


The water ways of port and quay area are crossed by bridges that have opening spans of 30 meters and height of 8,6 meters.

The port operates on the Moskva-river from Ustinsky bridge to pier Bronnicy, on total length of 95 km. The part of the river operated by the port includes hydraulic facilities and bridges that have certain limits on the height and width of opening spans. The water flow is fixed that’s why port operates during the whole period of navigation.

The navigation period lasts 200-205 days from April, 25 to November, 10-15.