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Dry cargo ship of RSD 44 project arrived to South river port for the first time

13 September


In 12th of September 2012 South river port received and operated cargo ship Kapitan Yurov (project RSD 44, Class Volga-Don max, with capacity 5500 tons) with breakstone, making a trip from Lake Ladoga for the first time in its modern history.

The vessel was quickly unloaded at the port within 16 hours.

Multipurpose cargo ship Kapitan Yurov with two covered holds, double sides, double bottom, 139.99 m. long, was launched at Oka shipyard on 14th October 2011. Load capacity of the vessel is 5500 tons, 500 tons more than the cargo ship Volga-Don.


Meanwhile headroom of ships of this project is 8 meters, almost twice lower. This allows them to pass under the bridges of the Moskva River, within the precincts of the city.